Crewed / Skippered or Bareboat Yacht Charter in Croatia

Crewed yacht charter is a type of charter when you charter a yacht, with a professional skipper and a hostess or a cook. It delivers ultimate holiday experience on the water since there will be nothing for you to do but enjoy at your own pace, on your own schedule: swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling, fishing, sightseeing, eating, drinking .... continue the list yourself with your preferred holiday activities.

Skipper is in charge of sailing/maneuvering the yacht for you, making the itinerary according your preferences. Giving you information about the area, spots to visit, turquoise lagoons for swimming and snorkeling, and restaurants with local food to dine in.

Hostess is responsible for ensuring the yacht is maintained/clean, provisioning, making 2 meals a day, breakfast and lunch (and snacks for the day). If you prefer to dine in the restaurant, we recommend to take a hostess for your sailing trip.

Cook is responsible for provisioning, making 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snacks for the day, not responsible for cleaning the boat). If you prefer the intimacy of your yacht for dinner, we recommend to take a cook for your sailing trip.

Skippered yacht charter is perfect for so many reasons, but let's simplify it and emphasize the fact that having an experienced skipper on board makes the real vacation possible; meaning relaxation, customer service and security of having a local expert on board. Hire a local skipper to manage the yacht for you. Benefit from the skipper's local knowledge and let him teach you or brush up your sailing skills.

Bareboat yacht rental is an option, but you need to have a valid license for operating a boat in Croatia under Croatian flag as well as good skipper skills, considering the fact Adriatic Sea is very crowded during high yacht charter Croatia season. You arrange the sailing itinerary completely by yourself at your own pace provided that you return to the base marina on agreed date and time. With the bareboat charter, as the captain of the boat, you will be fully responsible for yourself, your crew and the boat.

If you are not sure whether the license you have is valid for bareboat charter in Croatia check if it is listed here.

In case your license is not listed, we advise you contact the authority in charge of issuing navigational licenses in your country and ask them to contact the  Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs at and see if the license would be recognized in Croatia and enlisted on the list of recognized licenses.   

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