Family Sailing Croatia

Idyllic sail in Croatia getaway with your loved ones

The first step in planning any incredible family trip is picking the perfect destination. And for those who want to try family sailing, there are countless options.

But what is the perfect destination for your family? The perfect place to start a Family Sailing Adventure with kids is traveling through the Dalmatian Islands in Croatia. With more than 1200 spectacular islands, there is a safe harbour or natural bay, just an hour or two away. Various pleasant Winds of Croatia – Maestral (Mistral), Bura (Bora) & Jugo – enrich your ideal sailing experience, as well as numerous beaches and channels where one can sail, dive, fish, swim, windsurf …  and  enjoy almost untouched nature in the heart of Europe. For those who like their sailing to have a social dimension, there are no fewer than 500 harbours and 50 fully serviced marinas, each with restaurants, hot showers, clean bathrooms, mini-marts and weather charts.

A week on the water is the perfect place for busy families to reconnect with each other. Family sailing in Croatia can be a great way to experience the great outdoors by the sea. To keep the kids, and even Mom and Dad, wanting to come back for more, we always make sure that special time together on a yacht is fun, enjoyable, and safe.

Family Sailing Croatia Activities

Paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, snorkeling, wind surfing, hiking, biking and other activities in beautiful Croatia will make your day even more fun. Each family member can choose whether they want to play an active part in sailing or equally do nothing at all and just relax on the bow of the boat while reading a good book.

The idea of family sailing with kids in Croatia is the ability to combine adventure travel with a relaxing schedule. Similar to an RV trip, sailing offers most of the comforts of home. We have meals and sleeping quarters available when we need it. Sailing also gives us access to locations that cars don’t. We always know we have a place to sleep, which is great when you travel with kids.

And another great thing is that unlike an organized cruise, you aren’t forced to return to the ship at a certain time. You can change or modify the schedule on a whim, which is something that everybody loves to do! You can choose to be as adventurous, or relaxed as you feel like being that day.

Sailing in Croatia with your family can be rewarding and create lasting memories. The key to a successful family sail is accommodating everyone on board.

Find the Perfect Sail Boat and Charter Types for Families

A great family activity holiday requires having the right gear for the job. And sailing is no different. We offer a variety of boats and services to cater to our clients’ needs. Not everyone is an expert yachtsman and not every boat is the perfect fit for each family. So what are the different types of sailboat charters?

For a family sailing trip in Croatia, charter a sailboat or a catamaran. A catamaran offers a bit more stability than a sailboat, as well as more space, but comes at a higher price point. On the other hand a nice sailboat will offer safety and more than enough comfort for you to enjoy your holiday to the max. If you have a big family and a large budget, we recommend a catamaran. That way you’ll have enough beds to sleep everyone comfortably as well as appropriate cooking, recreation, and toilet amenities to suit the needs of those who will be living aboard.

Family Sailing Croatia

Family Sailing Croatia Charter Options

Bareboat Sail Charters

Bareboat charters in Croatia are perfect for families that have in-depth sailing experience. These rentals place the clients in sole control of the boat and its resources, similar to renting a car. Independent charters require that you have proper sailing qualifications/licenses before you are able to set sail to your destination.

Skippered Sail Charters

Skippered charters in Croatia are for those who are new to sailing or have not yet received the necessary sailing qualifications. On these charters, sailing families are accompanied by a qualified skipper. A skippered charter allows even inexperienced sailors to safely navigate incredible sailing destinations. And it opens up access to areas that only the insiders know about.

Crewed Sail Charters / All Inclusive Family Sailing

For those looking to bask in the lap of luxury, crewed charters are the way to go. These boats come with a full crew compliment including host/hostesses who are there to ensure the ultimate relaxing family holiday.

Family sailing Croatia

Sailing in Croatia

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