Sailing Croatia | Thank You Summer 2019

Thank You For Sailing Croatia With Us In Summer 2019!

A lot of beautiful memories with beautiful people!

From May till October we have been sailing Croatia with beautiful people from all over the world. We made some new friends and sailing lovers from England, USA, Colombia, Japan, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Switzerland etc. For each and every one of them we organized a special itinerary according to their wishes and preferences. We had some good time in beautiful secluded bays where we felt like kings of the sea.

We started the sailing season in Croatia with some nice winds we had some great sailing days in May this year. Sunny days with cloudy afternoons made it special. That is why we recommend May and early June sailing for real sailing enthusiasts.

Sailing in Croatia is a very pure form of being with nature.  On our way we had some friends, dolphins and turtles making our day special. In the evening we had some beautiful sunsets, perfect for dinner on board or in a lovely restaurant with a nice view.

And when you sit down with your beloved ones and think what a wonderful day it was, something else surprises you. A stunning night with full moon makes a special moment and gives you a sight to see!

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Sailing in Croatia

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