Catamaran Sailing Croatia | Owner Version

Catamaran Sailing in Croatia is the most popular way to visit Croatia, and explore the nature & culture of the islands.

Catamarans have experienced a tremendous popularity boost over the last couple of decades because of their stability, comfortable space and security offered.

What is the difference between Catamaran and Owner version Catamaran?

The main difference is the number of cabins.

The normal Catamaran in Croatia has 4 double bed cabins, two in each hull with 2 to 4 heads, which gives a nice layout to have enough comfort and space for up to 8 person + crew.

The Owner version catamaran has 3 cabins. Two of the cabins are in one hull, and one 'Master cabin' is completely by itself in another. The complete hull is a huge cabin, with a king size bed, working area and storage + large bathroom with walk-in shower. Two people can side by side brush their teeth, take a shower, etc. In between the cabin and the forward master bathroom you will find a sofa, wardrobes and a desk setting the owner's version apart from the classic 4 double cabin charter versions. The Owner version is comfortable enough to hold 6 person + crew.

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Why book an Owner version Catamaran?

It's like you have your own condo on one side of the boat. If you are looking for a bit more space and comfort, then an Owner version catamaran in Croatia is a right choice for you. You simply have the privacy of one side of the boat just for yourself.

Owner version Catamarans are usually better equipped then standard 4 cabin Catamarans. They usually come with Air Condition, Generator, Water maker, Ice maker, stronger dinghy etc. Not only that you will have more comfortable holiday, but you can stay of grid more if you wish to do so. Set your mind for a beautiful bay and stay there as much as your heart desires.

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Book as early as you can!

Owner version Catamarans in Croatia number is limited. There are only a dozen Owner version Catamarans available for charter in Croatia. Be sure to send us a free inquiry form and check the availability of your desired catamaran.

Why book with SailsOfCroatia?

We are LOCAL and we want you to know it. That is our advantage and that is why all of our guests are satisfied with our service. With more over than 15 years in this business WE KNOW which boats are well maintained and which ones are not. From the beginning we have been working on simplifying and solving any problems or needs that our guests have. IT IS YOUR TIME TO RELAX.

Through a few simple steps choose your boat, crew and package for your unforgettable Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

Do not hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you Tailor your Unforgettable Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia!


Catamaran Sailing Croatia | Owner Version Catamaran

Sailing in Croatia

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