Catamaran Sailing Holiday Croatia | Pros and Cons of a Catamaran

In popular sailing destinations in the world we can see more and more Catamarans.The same reason why Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia is becoming more and more popular, even with sail enthusiasts.

Why are Catamarans in Croatia getting popularity? What are the advantages and disadvantages of multihulls? Which one to choose when you sail with children? Is it easier to maneuver a catamaran or sailboat in a narrow marina? Which one is faster? We will try to summarize all those aspects and questions in this article.

Pros of a Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia

Space and Layout

One of the first things that Catamaran in Croatia fans will talk about is the extra space that they afford. Usually there is more interior space, with the typical charter having four cabins and a large common area. The layout of a catamaran allows more privacy and if you have children aboard, there is greater separation from the main living space and the cabins, making it easier for smaller children to nap and go to bed at a decent hour. Outdoor space is enough to entertain a large gathering which makes a Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia a great choice for family groups. It may also be the boat of choice for scuba divers as it affords more storage space for equipment and easier entry and exit from the water. Renting a Catamaran in Croatia for your sailing holiday simply means more space and comfort.

Another distinct advantage of a Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia is that since the majority of the living area is above the waterline, you get a better airing keeping it cooler and more pleasant in the daylight hours. So it would seem that in terms of livability and comfort, the catamaran is the right choice. For high season Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia (July & August) we definitely recommend a Catamaran with generator and A/C. This way you will be able to cool down your sleeping area whenever you choose so.

Maneuverability and Performance

Because of their size, Catamarans in Croatia are more stable. Their stability is possibly the greatest advantage over the monohull, in particular for children, seniors and the hostess/cook! Catamarans don't rock and roll the way monohulls do, making them easier to sail, more difficult to sink and faster, especially on downwind runs, reaches and broad reaches.  Also, it is difficult to get seasick on a catamaran.

Catamaran Sailing Holiday is ideal for easy sailing destinations like Croatia, where conditions are excellent and the catamaran is a comfortable and safe choice.

When it comes to maneuverability, the twin engines of the catamaran in Croatia make it relatively easy and having two engines about 20 feet apart eliminates the need for a bow thruster. They also have shallow drafts, so you can anchor closer to shore and navigate into places you can’t get to with a monohull. Two hulls also ensure no keeling, so in the end it is a smooth and relaxing ride. Catamaran Sailing in Croatia allows anchoring in shallow blue lagoons and enjoying your day in paradise looking spots.

Safety and Speed

One of the most important benefits of a Catamaran Sailing in Croatia is safety. Catamarans don't keel and there is no possibility to be thrown overboard. If you are a family with kids or you just value a safety on a boat than a Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia is for you.

As a general rule Catamarans in Croatia are a lot faster than a mono hull boats. Catamarans in Croatia are generally lighter, because they do not have keels which weighs usually a few hundreds of kilograms. There is no better feeling than passing another sailing boat...even when they have their engine running.


For many sailors it is not important, but still - it is true. Catamarans in Croatia are treated as luxurious vessels, giving prestige for the crew and a skipper (staying on a flybridge). Lagoon 52 or Lagoon 620 coming to the marina will always attract attention of other crews.

Larger Catamarans in Croatia are equipped with Generator and A/C systems for the whole boat. This gives you the advantage of independence, meaning that you don't have to be in a marina so often. Spend the night anchored in a beautiful bay under the stars, and with the support of our local skipper have an organized speed boat ride to the nearby city or a restaurant. Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia with no doubt gives you more freedom of a flexible itinerary.

Cons of a Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia

Docking for the night

While it’s relatively easy to dock a catamaran with two motors and two rudders, as there is no need for a bow thruster; it's size means that it can often take up more space which can drive up the docking costs. Also the catamaran may not always fit into smaller out-of- the-way harbours. Even though this is a con for a Catamaran sailing in Croatia, with the support of our professional local skipper you will never have a problem with the docking for the night. Your skipper will take care of all the necessary reservations for you.


Catamaran Sailing in Croatia with similar sleeping capacity and equipment is usually more expensive to charter than monohulls as their maintenance costs are much higher.

Marina expenses -  for a Catamaran sailing in Croatia (due to its width) crews are charged about 150% of that what pay for sailboats of the same length.

Since catamarans have reduced wetted surface area on their hulls, they are much more fuel-efficient. In light winds, they can use just one engine to propel the boat.


Despite of higher price for charter and smaller number of them in comparison to sailboats, Catamarans in Croatia are very popular. So when you want to charter a multihull always book them early. They have many fans and year-to-year their popularity grows!

We know there are sailors who say they would never put their feet on a Catamaran in Croatia (some of us were also of this kind), but we say: try once and then say that Catamaran in Croatia is not worth sailing. We said so to many sailors and guess what? They loved catamarans. Some of them even stopped considering monohulls when chartering a boat in Croatia. 

Don't hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you tailor your unforgettable Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

 Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia - Pros and Cons of a Catamaran!

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