Catamaran Sailing Croatia With Kids

Croatia is the top destination in the world for a Catamaran Sailing Holiday with Kids on board!

Why is Catamaran a better choice over a Sailboat for a Croatia Sailing Holiday with Kids?

Catamarans are more spacious. Two hulls of a Catamaran give you a plenty of sleeping area (even for big families + crew members). Usually Catamarans have 4 double bed cabins + two crew cabins, some bigger catamarans have up to 6 double bed cabins + crew cabins. With a nice sallon area in between, cockpit area with a big dining table and a net in front, there is also a lot of storage place to put any toy or bag that you decided to bring along.

Catamarans just have enough room for any family with kids. Enjoy your Sailing Holiday in Croatia on a Catamaran.

Catamarans are more stable. Two hulls that ensure that plenty of room, also ensure better stability of a Catamaran over a Sailboat or a Motor Yacht. Catamarans don't heel at all, and they are less prone to rocking when on the move or at anchor. Pretty much kids can walk around (if younger always in presence of an adult) a Catamaran all the time.

Catamarans have a shallow draft. Probably one of the most common things that kids are afraid of are deep waters. Catamarans have shallow draft that allows you to anchor in beautiful blue bays in almost standing depth. Catamarans can easily go in a bay that is only 6-8 ft deep (2-2.5 meters). There are numerous bays in Croatia that catamaran can go into and other boats cannot. Drop an anchor in shallow waters, bring out the toys and have the best time with your kids.

Catamarans have more storage space and room for extra systems like air conditioning, water makers, generators, larger fridges and freezers, etc… Again, having room for all these amenities makes for more comfortable living.

Catamarans are ideal yacht choice for Sailing Croatia With Kids.


Planning to go sailing with the kids? Find out why Croatia is the best choice:

Croatia is a country with more over a thousand islands and this is the number one reason why Croatia is the best country for a Catamaran Sailing Holiday with Kids. The number of islands allows you to create the itinerary with short distances. Depending on how big your kids are, you can sail only an hour or two a day and find the next great spot to be at. Variety of towns, seaside villages and bays will fulfill everyone's wishes - from warm sea for playing with babies, to shallow water for kids that are still not too confident at swimming, water parks for swimmers, nightlife and tours for teenagers and adults , Croatia has it all. Hop on board a Catamaran in Croatia once, and you will be coming back to Croatia Sailing Holiday again.

Croatia has mild weather and easy winds in high season, meaning July & August. This is the period of 60 days that we most certainly recommend for a Catamaran Sailing Croatia with Kids. In this period you will enjoy sunny and hot days, perfect for on board and sea activities.


How to make your Catamaran Sailing Croatia with Kids more safe:

Life jackets are especially important when it comes to children even if they are swimmers and even when sailing in the Mediterranean where the water is warm and calm. All young children and non-swimmers must have life jackets.

Safety net - If you have very young children on board, it may be a good idea to install a safety net before you start sailing. The safety net offers good protection for children playing or sunbathing on the deck, and it stops any sliding overboard.

We are a local family business with more than 15 years of experience of tailoring perfect Catamaran Sailing Holidays in Croatia. Through a few simple steps you choose your boat, crew and package for your unforgettable Tailor-Made Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

Do not hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you Tailor your Unforgettable Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

 Catamaran Sailing Croatia with Kids!

Sailing in Croatia

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