Family Sailing Croatia On a Catamaran

Croatia is one of the best sailing destinations in the world for a number of reasons: the islands are close together so you don’t have long distances to cross (meaning it’s safer), the winds are generally much calmer compared to other destinations, and the islands and coastline are lined with ancient historical ruins. You essentially have over a thousand islands and a thousand miles of coastline to explore while sailing in Croatia!

Pack and get ready to enjoy unforgettable week or two of sailing in Croatia on the southern Adriatic Sea, hopping from one island to another with your own Private Family Sailing Catamaran.

Relax and let your professional local crew take care of you. Spend the morning relaxing on spacious decks, sunbathing or refreshing yourself in the Adriatic Sea.

The afternoons and evenings are for you to explore Croatia’s finest destinations and local cuisine.

Family Sailing Croatia on a Catamaran

Why the Family Sailing Holiday in Croatia on a Catamaran can be a perfect vacation? There are a few reasons for that type of holiday:

  • First things first, a private yacht tour on board a catamaran gives you the freedom to sail and see whatever you want and at your own pace. There is no fixed itinerary like at a small cruise ship trip, no crowds on board your yacht, no lines to get in and out of the sea for swimming or stepping of the boat in the town.
  • Croatia has more over 1000 islands, and every day you can visit and swim in a different beautiful surrounding
  • DIstances between the islands are no more that 2 hours of sailing, which makes it perfect even for families with small kids
  • Catamaran are more spacious and stable on water, and you are completely safe to enjoy your unforgettable Family Sailing Holiday on a Catamaran in Croatia
  • Catamarans have nets or/and sitting area in front, which is a great outside social area where families can enjoy sailing time (often the dolphins come and play under the catamaran, and looking them while laying on a net is something breathtaking)
  • You have all the time in the world to sail and swim during the day and still be moored up in a beautiful town for dinner.
  • Your professional crew will help you with everything, from boarding the boat, provisioning, organizing the itinerary (making the mooring or restaurant reservations), etc.
  • All of our crew are local professionals happy to show you the best Croatia has to offer
  • Family Sailing Holiday in Croatia on a Catamaran offers a lot of activities. Be as active as you want.
  • Possibility of shore excursions
  • You and your family can choose from a range of Catamarans to fit every budget.
  • Set sail and enjoy a safe and organized trip just how you imagined

We are proud to say that we are a local family business that supports you every step of the way. Starting with helping you to choose the right Catamaran for your Family Sailing Holiday in Croatia and booking procedure. We most certainly look forward to take care of your holiday the very first minute you step a foot in Croatia. Don't hesitate to send us a free inquiry for your unforgetable Family Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

Family Sailing Croatia on a Catamaran - Sailing Holiday Like no Other!

Sailing in Croatia

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