Sailing Croatia 2022 | Don't miss another summer!

When should you book your 2022 sailing holiday in Croatia? Probably now!

What to say about sailing season in Croatia 2021? We didn't have great expectations as the travel restrictions were all around us. The season has started with the end of May and in a few weeks there were no boats available. Mid June already was with full capacity of bookings and our guests that were used to find a yacht in the Last minute booking did not have a chance to be on the boat this year.

In fact, in the case of Croatia, trying to find a catamaran for sailing holiday in Split or Dubrovnik was like gold dust, with the same applying to monohulls. With only a few dates left available for September and October, it’s clear the industry is bouncing back from a challenging period to gain a new lease of life. If this is anything to go by, it seems 2022 is likely to be even better.

In 2020, Croatia’s charter industry like the rest of the Mediterranean charter destinations took a sizeable hit. The market relies on international tourism more so than domestic charters, and with air travel plummeting to the ground, there was not enough steady demand to reach the same numbers as 2019. This year, everything has changed. Realising the necessity for international travel for many tourist economies, there has been a surge in flights operating to Croatia meaning chartering is that bit easier. In addition, the vaccine rollout and widespread acceptance and availability of PCR and Antigen Tests adds extra security to those worried about the virus. Charters in 2021 may not look exactly the same as they did two or three years ago, but they’re almost there. And any step forward, no matter how small, is a positive thing for the industry.

Why is Chartering a Private Yacht in Croatia becoming more popular with Covid-19?

The answer is simple - it is Private. Meaning once you have embarked your yacht, the contact with the outside world is minimum. The party on board is in some kind of safe isolation by itself. Everything you need you have on board your own private yacht, a place to sleep, cook, eat, shower and relax. If wanted, you are not to be in any towns or crowded places for two or three days in a row. All of the anti Covid-19 measures are being taken from the very first step you make while in Croatia. We organize a Private taxi transfer that takes you directly to the boat, and we organize the Provisioning for you, so you don't have to do any shopping in markets on the way. Skipper is waiting for your arrival on the boat ready for check-in and in only an hour or so you are ready to sail out on your own Private Yacht.

Book Early

The earlier you book, the more you save. With inventory as low as it is and the demand for short-haul travel skyrocketing, you simply must book as soon as you know that you want to travel. Book early and choose the right yacht for your sailing holiday in Croatia as in the last minute there will be nothing available,

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Who should book as early as they can?

The season 2022 for sailing holiday in Croatia will be specific as some categories of the boats will be limited. We recommend to book as soon as possible for next clients:

  • Clients who plan to sail Croatia for two or more weeks.
  • Clients who want to book a brand new boat (as there will be limited number of new boats delivered in Croatia this year).
  • Clients that prefer to spend a sailing holiday on an Owner version boat (Catamaran or Monohull).
  • Clients that are searching for a boat with more luxury and more comfort. There is a high demand for the boats with Air condition, Generator, Water maker, Ice maker etc. The number of these boats is also limited. Be sure to book early.
  • Clients that are searching to spend their sailing holiday on a catamaran. Catamarans are more and more popular and they get booked quite quickly. Huey up and choose the catamaran that suits your needs while the availability is good.

For sailing in Croatia 2022 we definitely recommend to book your yacht as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this year (2021) a good number of clients that were looking to charter a yacht in the last minute booking did not succeed to find one. We believe that for season 2022 it will also be minimum number of boats left to choose from in the last minute offer.

What separates SailsOfCroatia from the others?

We are LOCAL and we want you to know it. That is our advantage and that is why all of our guests are satisfied with our service. With more over than 15 years in this business WE KNOW which boats are well maintained and which ones are not. From the beginning we have been working on simplifying and solving any problems or needs that our guests have. IT IS YOUR TIME TO RELAX.

Through a few simple steps choose your boat, crew and package for your unforgettable Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

Do not hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you Tailor your Unforgettable Private Yacht Charter in Croatia!

Sailing Croatia 2022 | Don't miss another summer

Sailing in Croatia

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