Sailing Croatia | Activities while afloat

With a magnificent coastline, clear waters and splendid beaches, Croatia is truly a destination for a perfect sailing holiday!

The islands in Croatia, over 1,000 of them, makes Croatia a real sailing paradise—they’re unique in the world. The coastline is relatively unspoiled and has the feel of the French Riviera in the 50s or 60s. Sailing in Croatia still makes it possible to find quiet anchorages, even at the height of the season.

So...What to do when you find your perfect anchoring spot?

Some of you might not want to do anything more that just relax and sunbath with a nice cold drink in your hand, which we completely understand, but some of you might want to be a little bit more active.

There are several activities that can bring a smile on your face:

Sup (Stand up paddle  board)

A fun and relaxing activity that most anyone can do while sailing in Croatia, it is also one of the best workouts out there. This is an aquatic sport in which the rider stands on the board and paddles. Because the rider stands on the board, the person feels as if walking on the sea.

Sea Kayaking

Kayaks have long been a popular addition to sailing in Croatia holiday, and are a fantastic way to get out and explore an anchorage. Stress reducing, low impact and a perfect activity for the whole family, kayaking offers a host of physical benefits.


Easy enough for children, and exciting enough for even the most jaded traveler. Whether you’re taking your budding marine biologist to explore an underwater ecosystem or simply want to get up close and personal with a friendly fish, snorkeling is an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in nature.

Dinghy rowing

Chances are if you are sailing in Croatia then you have a dinghy on board, and no matter the design you can use your dinghy as a rowing machine. Whether it is up a quiet stream for a picnic lunch or just back and forth to shore, rowing is an easy way to keep your daily routine active. Kids also love to use the little outboard engine on the dinghy to explore and have fun for hours.

So are you ready for the challenge? Be active while sailing in Croatia, explore and enjoy the beauty of our sea and nature.

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Sailing Croatia - Be active while afloat!

Sailing in Croatia

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