Sailing Croatia | Covid-19 Sail Safe Policy

We do not give up the Pleasure of Traveling even in the "New Normal"! How to organize a Sailing Croatia trip according to the new rules?

A large survey revealed that in addition to lack of socializing, 41% of citizens currently miss traveling the most

A good portion of people plan to travel this summer though, and enthusiasm for travel after the pandemic is growing!

Which is very good because, it has been proven, travel planning is good for mental health

If you Travel to Croatia, Sail - Sailing is the safest form of holiday!

Sailing Croatia | Covid-19 Safe Sail Policy

The journeys and pleasure they bring are not entirely extinguished; there are ways to travel and be Safe and Covid-19 free.

Raising the Standards in Safety & Hygiene in Croatia

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations throughout the travel and airline industry to rethink their procedures to ensure their guests have a safe, healthy experience, including cruise lines. While efforts to contain the coronavirus continue to evolve, Sails of Croatia is taking proactive steps to raise the bar when it comes to hygiene and service on board our ships.

The steps outlined below are the measures we and our suppliers are taking to ensure your health and safety is our highest priority from the moment you board our ships, to the day you disembark.

Sailing Croatia | Covid-19 Safe Sail Policy

How to book a Sailing Holiday in Croatia?

The procedure of booking a Sailing Croatia Holiday is pretty much the same. After your Inquiry procedure, and finding your preferred yacht and package, you will have to proceed with the Payment of 20-50% to confirm the booking. And the rest of the amount is to be paid, in 1 or 2 more instalments, up to 30 days before embarkation.

What if I cannot come to Croatia because of Covid-19 restrictions?

As a result of this unprecedented situation relating to the escalation of Covid-19, our entire team at Sails of Croatia has been working relentlessly to ensure that all business activities are running as smoothly as possible.

We are closely monitoring daily updates about COVID-19, as the situation unfolds and quickly changes.

Accordingly, we have made some changes to our booking policy in order to provide our clients additional flexibility under these unique circumstances. The changes include the following:

1. A VOUCHER for the full amount of the paid charter and the possibility to postpone the booking for an alternative date in the NEXT season. This way you can still enjoy your time on yacht cruising the Adriatic this year.

2. To make it even more flexible, the possibility of RESCHEDULING your charter within 12 months will be granteddepending on how the situation develops and the availability to travel becomes clear.

If situations that COVID 19 measures occur:

There is a lockdown in your country or in the country of embarkation at the date of departure.

Mandatory quarantine in your country or in the country of embarkation at the date of departure.

Travel ban issued by the government of your country with respect to the country of embarkation at the date of departure.

Our mission is to give you a Sailing Holiday in Croatia to remember, and we are there for you every step of the way. With good and valid information we will make the best of your booking and will ensure that you get what you paid for!


You can sail away with total flexibility and serenity with our Flex plan product! With Flex plan you have 100% flexibility with your booking, for whatever reason you can rebook or cancel your booking up to 21 days before departure with a full refund. Talk about worry free sailing and a peace of mind guarantee! 

Price: 350 EUR / 400 USD

Note! In case of cancellation, the full amount of the paid charter will be refunded, minus the "Flex plan" fee of 350 EUR / 400 USD. *The 'Flex Plan' is Valid only for some boats

    Be Free, Be Safe - Sail Away!

    We are a local family business with more than 15 years of experience of tailoring Sailing Holidays in Croatia. Through a few simple steps choose your boat, crew and package for your unforgettable Tailor-Made Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

    Do not hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you Tailor your Unforgettable Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

     Sailing Croatia | Covid-19 Safe Sail Policy

    Sailing in Croatia

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