How to plan a Sailing Croatia Trip in these “new normal” circumstances

We do not give up the Pleasure of Traveling even in the "New Normal"! How to organize a Sailing Croatia trip according to the new rules?

A large survey revealed that in addition to lack of socializing, 41% of citizens currently miss traveling the most

A good portion of people plan to travel this summer though, and enthusiasm for travel after the pandemic is growing!

Which is very good because, it has been proven, travel planning is good for mental health

Travel to Croatia - Sailing is the safest form of holiday!

Here are some tips on how to plan a Sailing Croatia Holiday in these “new normal” circumstances and enjoy traveling

Planning a Sailing Holiday  in Croatia or any other trip is good for your mental health. And while the corona crisis encourages local travel, enthusiasm for travel after a pandemic is growing. In fact, it has been proven, the BBC reports, that travel planning is good for mental health. We feel better thinking about how nice it will be when all the restrictions are gone. But it is possible to travel even now; World Health Organization safety instructions apply (and work) to travel, and now traveling and accommodation are significantly cheaper. So how do you plan a trip?

1. For starters, stock up on Positive Energy. Tune up your inner vibrations and start feeling Positive Energy flow your way. Negative thinking can be hard to stop, especially in this hard Covid-19 times. It’s easy to allow yourself to slip into pessimism or take on an air of indifference. But if you want to attract good things, you must let the positive guide you, not the negative. As the Dalai Lama says, “See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.” - Close your eyes and see the beautiful beaches, imagine the sun on your cheech, dream about your Sailing Holiday in Croatia and let those positive thoughts make your day!

2. Don't worry. While Sailing you are far, far away... Sailing is known for its Therapeutic Effects. Being on a boat is the escape to freedom of the modern world. Beeing up close to nature and Earth Elements brings out the best in us. But most of all Sailing Holiday is a true getaway from the rush and crowds, and is a sort of an isolation by itself. You and your loved ones are on board your own Private yacht, with a professional crew that knows how to avoid crowded places and giving you the true 'Free Spirit' experience while Sailing in Croatia.

Be Free, be Safe - Sail Away!

3. Choose your means of transport. More and more people are currently choosing transportation by their own car, but if you travel far, this is not possible. Bus, train or plane? It is unjustified to be wary of airplanes because, in general, ventilation systems in other means of public transport are less efficient than those in airplanes. Air in airplanes is recirculated through sophisticated HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters every few minutes. Also, some airlines provide disinfectant wipes, and the size of the bottle you can bring on the plane has been increased to 3.5 dl precisely because of the disinfectant.

4. Ask about the destination. Many countries have started to open up to tourism, regardless of the situation, but it is wise to inquire about the rules of conduct in them, possible restrictions, the functioning of transport, hotels, restaurants, etc… All of this information we are monitoring daily, and we are also monitoring the travel restrictions and regulations in your country as well. Before your arrival we will give you all the valid and true information about Covid-19 situation in Croatia. We are here to support you every step of the way. We are proud to say that with our partners we are raising the Standards in Safety & Hygiene in Croatia. Also we have partnered with Mobile COVID-19 PCR & Antibody Testing Laboratory for all of those in need of a quick test before leaving Croatia.

5. Organize the budget. Sailing in Croatia doesn't have to be expensive. Travel is now cheaper than ever, it’s a shame not to take the opportunity. Going on a Sailing Holiday in Croatia doesn't mean you have to spend everything you got! It is simply important to find a good deal and be smart about who you book with. Sail away from as low as €1400/per week for a 4-cabin yacht for your whole family and friends.

It's safe, it's affordable and it's beautiful - Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

6. Plan for extraordinary expenses. What if for some reason (illness, quarantine, flight cancellation…) you have to stay longer at a destination? Plan to take a bit more cash, or even better it's best to have a card then. This did not happen yet to any of our guests, but better be safe than sorry. Nevertheless, if this situation comes upon you...we are here to assist you in any way we can. From finding the adjustable accommodation, quick PCR testing and safe transportation to and from the airport.

7. What if I cannot come to Croatia because of Covid-19 restrictions?

We have made some changes to our booking policy in order to provide our clients additional flexibility under these unique circumstances. Read more about our Covid-19 Safe Sail Policy here.

    Be Free, Be Safe - Sail Away!

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