Sailing Croatia | Standard, Premium or All Inclusive Package

It is not a secret - Croatia is considered to be an ideal Sailing Destination. A country with over a thousand islands is a true Sailing Paradise.

In a variety of offers for sailing in Croatia we like to be different. First of all, we like to mention that we are a local family business, fully organized with a unique passion and experience for an unforgettable sailing holiday in Croatia.

*Fully Organized Sailing Holidays in Croatia*

You don't have to need to worry about anything! We take care of our guests from the very first minute you step a foot in Croatia, till the very last one when you leave our beautiful country with a big smile on your face. With us you are getting a 24/7 support throughout your holiday!

We are fully organized with a full package service that will make your Sailing Holiday in Croatia the best holiday of your lifetime. We provide everything, from the private taxi service awaiting for you at the airport (taking you directly to your boat) to provisioning (avoiding the crowded markets on the day of your arrival) to full support on board (Skipper, Hostess and Chef service), etc.

For your perfect Sailing Holiday in Croatia we have arranged three packages:

Standard Package, Premium Package and All Inclusive Package

All the Packages can be combined and tailored to make your sailing holiday in Croatia perfect.

Sailing Croatia

All of our packages include full support for your sailing holiday in Croatia, and you will be satisfied with all of them. But there are some differences that we would like to inform you about:

1. Standard package

Standard package is what we offer as our basic offer for your sailing week in Croatia. With this package the only thing that you need to take care by yourself is provisioning and preparation of the meals. For those who love to cook we definetely recommend Standard package.

Standard package includes:

Sailing Yacht, Catamaran or Motor Yacht
Airport Transfers
Charter pack (Transit log, Final cleaning, etc.)
Local Tax & Comfort pack


Hostess/Chef service
Food and Beverage options

2. Premium package

Premium package is for those who are looking for a sailing holiday in Croatia without any work at all. This package includes hostess or chef service that allows you to just sit back and relax 24/7.

Premium package includes:

Sailing Yacht, Catamaran or Motor Yacht
Skipper & Hostess/Chef
Airport Transfers
Charter pack (Transit log, Final cleaning...)
Local Tax & Comfort pack
Basic Provisioning

Hostess/Chef - The hostess is responsible for ensuring the yacht is maintained/clean, provisioning, making 2 meals a day, breakfast and lunch (and snacks for the day). Hostess fee for the week is from 910,00 - 1.050,00 Euros. (If you prefer to dine in the restaurant, we recommend to take a hostess for your sailing trip.)

The chef is responsible for provisioning, making 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snacks for the day). Chef fee for the week is from 1.400,00 - 1.600,00 Euros.

Basic Provisioning - To avoid the crowded markets and nervous people waiting in line on the first day of your sailing holiday in Croatia, we do the Basic Provisioning for you. This Provisioning is not enough for the full week, it is only a help that gives you the freedom of enjoying the first days on board without any shopping stress. For the rest of your sailing trip everything else you will be able to find on the islands on the way. Basic provisioning is done by the preference list, which we send to you to fill in.

Basic Provisioning options:

  • Basic Provisioning for amount of:  400,00 € (food + soft drinks)
  • Basic Provisioning for amount of:  800,00 € (food, soft drinks + beer & excellent local wine)

3. All Inclusive package

All Inclusive package is our top package that includes Food and Beverage options for the full week that we combine with our hostess or chef service. Sometimes it is not possible to find all the preferred provisioning on the islands, this way we can make sure that the provisioning for the full week is done by your preferences completely.

All Inclusive package includes:

Sailing Yacht, Catamaran or Motor Yacht
Skipper & Hostess/Chef
Airport Transfers
Charter pack (Transit log, Final cleaning...)
Local Tax & Comfort pack
Food & Beverage (for the full week)

Food and beverage options:

  • Half board:  350,00 € / person per week (with Hostess service)
  • Full board:  550,00 € / person per week (with Chef service)
  • Soft drinks package:  75,00 € / person per week
  • All Inclusive Croatian drinks package:  200,00 € / person per week

*Soft drinks package includes water, juices, coffee and tee for the full week.

*All Inclusive Croatian drinks package includes all soft drinks + Croatian wines (excellent local wine, red & white), Champagne, Beer and Hard liquor.

With all of our packages we have something extra to offer you for your perfect sailing holiday in Croatia. To make your sailing holiday in Croatia is more active and fun there are toys that not only kids enjoy (Stand up paddle board, Kayak or E Scooter). Also, to see the best of Croatia we are proud to offer you our One way sailing trip from Split to Dubrovnik or vice versa.

Optional extras:

Sup (stand up paddle board): 120,00 € per week
Kayak: 120,00 € per week
E Scooter: 120,00 € per week
Beach towels: 10,00 € per person
One way fee (to Dubrovnik): 460,00 - 1,100,00 € (depends on the ft range)
Wi-Fi (30gb): 30,00 € per week
Outboard engine (for dinghy): 100,00 € per week

There are some things that all of our packages exclude (even our all inclusive package). Which and Why?

Our packages exclude next:

Port and Marina fees
National Park entrance and all Land tours
Gratuities for the crew

Why is this excluded?

Mooring fees and National Park entrances and all Land tours aren’t included as we like to offer clients the freedom of a flexible itinerary.

Mooring buoys (estimated 30-60 Euro per night, 1.6 x for catamaran) offer seclusion and privacy. Marinas (80-150 euro per night, 1.6 x for catamaran) have cafes, restaurants, showers & toilet facilities along with shore power and fresh-water refills for the yacht. In our experience a mixture of the all options gives the best balance through the week for most groups. (Read more about Mooring fees here.)

We like to be transparent and give you all the information to make your sailing holdiay in Croatia perfect. Find more information on 'How to pack' to 'Where to sail' and 'What to eat' (Considering local traditional cuisine).

Get in touch with our booking specialist and let us help you organize your perfect Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

Fully Organized Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

Sailing in Croatia

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