Sailing in Croatia Wine tour

Best Croatian wines you must try!

Croatia holds a special place in the
world of wine.


Sailing in Croatia is a perfect opportunity to try some of the best Croatian wines! 

Pošip Wine
This golden colored white wine is named after the grape sort it is made of and it's native
to island Korčula (Čara and Smokvica).
But, except on Korčula, pošip is made in other parts of Central and Southern Dalmatia.
Pošip is the first Croatian white wine with a denomination of origin.

Sailing in Croatia

Vugava Wine
This white wine is made from the autochtone grape sort vugava that is exclusively grown on the farthest centraldalmatian island Vis.

Vugava is specific for its fresh fruity and creamy notes and it has around 12% of alchohol. Vugava was famous even in antiquity. It's said that the Greek historian Agatarhid was thinking of this wine when he wrote that the wine of Issa island is better than other wines.

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Babić Wine
Babić red wine is made of the native grape sort Babić, named after the family that makes this wine.
Its characteristics are a dense structure with blackberry and fig notes. This sort, especially when being used in making premium wine, is best grown on a karstic terrain above the little town of Primošten, near Šibenik called the Primošten terraces. Drink this aromatic red wine with pršut, pašticada, hard cheese and red meat.

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Dingač Wine
Dingač is Croatia's most famous wine, also known as "the king of all Croatian wines".
Premium wine of the Plavac mali grape sort is named after the karst region of Pelješac – Dingač.
In 1961, in Geneva, Dingač was the first ever Croatian wine awarded a denomination of origin. This red wine is very high in alchohol – around 15%.

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Vrbnik Žlahtina
Island Krk is also proud of a native wine. It's Vrbnička Žlahtina, a quality dry white wine made of a native grape sort – white žlahtina.
This rare sort is grown exclusively in the Vrbnik field of the Krk winehill.
Žlahtina is a gentle and refreshing wine with a fruity and flowery note. Drink it with goat cheese, pasta and white meat dishes.

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Sailing in Croatia

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