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You may already be expecting to feast your eyes on Croatian gems every time your boat pulls into a new port, but no amount of pictures or written clichés can prepare you for just how beautiful the country really is. Back up photos of any previous travels because you’ll need a blank memory card to capture all of Croatia’s charm.



Croatia is a country with the most indented coast in the Mediterranean. There are over 1,000 islands to visit while Sailing in Croatia. Only 50-60 of them are populated, and each island and even each place on the same island is diverse, the world for itself. Picturesque little villages, rich in history and Mediterranean charm, hidden bays and beaches, accessible only by the sea, fair winds for sailing - all of this makes for Unforgettable Sailing Holiday with countless flexible itineraries. No wonder Croatia became the world's top Sailing destination.


Much like Italy and Greece, Croatia has one of the oldest european cultures. As most Mediterranean cultures it was heavily influenced by both the Greeks, and the Romans. That’s why you can find amazing architecture everywhere, such as ancient arenas, palaces, and remains of old cities. You can visit some of the most stunning cathedrals in Europe, spend hours in museums and tours exploring Croatia’s history.

All with the Croatian (Slavic) culture added to the mix. That “mix” is what makes Croatia so special and unique. That’s also why the food is so great. Think about Mediteranean cuisine you’re used to finding in Italy with a continental twist. The Local Cuisine is So gooooood!


People that are Sailing in Croatia for the first time , are surprised how good the wine is. Red or white, Croatia has excellent wine and local wineries that you can visit. Almost every island has a unique wine that they are proud of. Without doubt, while in Croatia you will have excellent food and wine on the table!


There is a great number of beautiful beaches in Croatia, but most aren’t like the mile long sandy beaches packed with people that you are used to seeing.

Croatia is home to a lot of small pebble beaches. Some of them are large and popular, like the Golden Cape located in Bol (Brac Island), while others are small and secluded like Stiniva (Vis island). The latter, Stiniva is a majestic beach surrounded by high rocks, and crystal clear sea. Small Stiniva was awarded “the best beach in Europe” last season!

With so many beautiful beaches in Croatia, some are hidden away in secluded bays, only accessible by boat. With the number of islands and bays, it is not so difficult to find a secluded bay or beach just for yourself to enjoy while Sailing in Croatia.


Sailing in Croatia would not be the same without friendly and warm people. Restaurants owners, excursion guides, even your professional crew on board...all of them are warm, open and easy to start the conversation with. Most of the locals speak fluent English, many of them even Italian, German and French. Croatian people are happy to share all the information about their history and culture.


Flying to Croatia is easy from any place in the world, only if you are flying from outside Europe, the stop at some major European airports, such as Rome, Frankfurt or London, is probably inevitable. The list of the companies flying to and from Croatia is long.


Let’s put it like this, if you like to party then come to Croatia! Like most summer destinations Croatia offers a good time for everybody. However it’s taken the nightlife just a step higher than most and here’s how.

There are a number of music festivals held in Croatia, but the best of all is the Ultra Music, held annually in Split and Hvar. ULTRA is a “party giant” held only in a few select places in the world, like Miami, Tokyo, and Split.

There, you can dance to the sounds of the world’s best DJ’s and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You can also try one of the many clubs. Our favourites include Deep in Makarska which is literally a cave on the beach and Revelin in Dubrovnik located INSIDE the 700 year old fortress walls of the city. Insane!

Not only the nightlife, but Beach parties and Sunset parties are also a place to be while Sailing in Croatia. Drop an anchor just in front of Hula Hula or Carpe Diem beach bar in Hvar, use do dinghy to get to the bar, and Party On!


Apart from the extraordinary natural base, indented coast and more that 1,000 islands. Sailing in Croatia is also characterized by an extensive nautical infrastructure. There are over 50 marinas, which in addition to almost as many municipal and leisure ports and harbours, makes Sailing in Croatia safe and comfortable at the same time.


Finding The Right Company to book your Sailing Holiday in Croatia is crucial. The offer is huge when you search on Google for either 'Yacht charter in Croatia' or ' Sailing in Croatia'. It is not easy to make a choice. The good starting point would be to look for the reviews from people who sailed before. We are proud to say that all of our customers were happy and are coming back for several years to Sail Croatia with us again. Please read some of our reviews here.

Tailor-Made Sailing Holiday in Croatia - Sailing Holiday in Croatia like no other!

We are a local family business with more than 15 years of experience of tailoring perfect Sailing Holidays in Croatia. Through a few simple steps you can choose your boat, crew and package for your unforgettable Tailor-Made Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

Do not hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you Tailor your Unforgettable Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

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