Sailing licences

According to the Croatian law, at least one person on the vessel must posses valid nautical and VHF licences. So, if you don't want to hire a skipper, in order to charter a boat, you must have valid licenses in addition to your sailing experience.

Navigational and VHF licences in Croatia are issued by Port Authorities, and if your licence is issued in a foreign country, please check whether it's valid for Croatian territorial waters. To obtain the licence, one must take classes and pass an exam that include theoretical and practical elements.

If you want the bareboat charter, you must send us the copies of your licences in advance to confirm the booking. In case there is something wrong with your papers, we'll inform you on time.

You must have the originals with you on board so don't forget to take them. Croatian laws are very strict on this issues and it is impossible to charter a boat without all necessary documents.

If you hire a skipper with valid sailing licence and VHF licence, your crew just need to have passport or ID.

Recognized certificates for operating boats and yachts in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia

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