Private chef service

Cooking on a boat in summer, to say the least, can be hard sometimes, due to very hot temperatures, waves and lack of manouvering space in a boat kitchen. And ofcourse, the fact that you came on a vacation and dont want any extra work. Thats why we are proud to offer you professional croatian Chefs services that will make your life on a boat so much easyer, and tastier.

Sails of Croatia boat cooks are people with experience in cooking on board. Boat cook can provide to guests all Croatian - Adriatic see delicacy.

Sails of Croatia chefs are all communicative man with knowledge of few world languages. Besides that, they cook domestic specialties (fish and sea food) the best, but they also can prepare classic western dishes on request.

They are willing to share their knowledge with clients, and in this way clients can entertain while enjoying excellent food.


Sailing in Croatia

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