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Sailing Croatia | Activities while afloat

With a magnificent coastline, clear waters and splendid beaches, Croatia is truly a destination for a perfect sailing holiday! The islands in Croatia, over 1,000 of them, makes Croatia a real sailing paradise—they’re unique in the world. The coastline is relatively unspoiled and has the feel of the French Riviera...
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Sailing Croatia | Sailing for older adults

Croatia is one of the best sailing destinations in the world for a number of reasons: the islands are close together so you don’t have long distances to cross (meaning it’s safer), the winds are generally much calmer compared to other destinations, and the islands and coastline are lined with...
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Sailing Croatia | Catamaran Vs. Monohull – How to Choose?

A catamaran is a type of boat consisted of two hulls, joined by a frame. Sailing catamarans in Croatia has recently become more popular because of their stability, spaciousness and safety. It is just a great alternative to monohulls. Sailing in Croatia with a catamaran has many benefits and we...
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Sailing Croatia | How much money for sailing holiday in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia is one of a kind holiday. Numerous of our guests said that they consider that sailing in Croatia is the number one holiday in their life. A country with over a thousand islands makes Croatia to be considered as a true Sailing Paradise. It’s almost impossible to...
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Sailing Croatia | Local Cuisine

A country with over a thousand islands, Croatia is a true Sailing Paradise.  Not only that, in this sailing paradise, our guests are surprised by the beauty of Croatian islands & sea and the warmth of the Croatian people, they find Croatian food and wine especially delicious and tasty. The...
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Sailing Croatia | Standard, Premium or All Inclusive Package

It is not a secret - Croatia is considered to be an ideal Sailing Destination. A country with over a thousand islands is a true Sailing Paradise. In a variety of offers for sailing in Croatia we like to be different. First of all, we are a local family business...
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Sailing Croatia | 9 Things People Struggle With While Organizing a Sailing Holiday in Croatia

You probably can’t escape that pre-holiday madness completely. But there are some things that you can actually do to start your sailing holiday in Croatia way more relaxed already and then make sure that you have the best, most recharging holiday ever! To make sure that your Sailing Holiday in...
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Best time to Sail Croatia

In Croatia sailing season starts from April  and lasts till October. Depending on your preferred sailing holiday, in this period you can find something for everybody. Less crowded periods when you can be alone on the sea, periods with nice winds for sailing, very warm and steady periods perfect for...
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Sailing Croatia | Thank You Summer 2019

Thank You For Sailing Croatia With Us In Summer 2019! A lot of beautiful memories with beautiful people! From May till October we have been sailing Croatia with beautiful people from all over the world. We made some new friends and sailing lovers from England, USA, Colombia, Japan, Norway, Finland,...
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Sailing in Croatia: A Beginner's Guide

Coastlines don’t come much more idyllic for sailing than Croatia’s 2000km of ruggedly beautiful Adriatic shore. Along this magnificent stretch are ancient Roman remains standing guard over sheltered harbours; olive groves rising above the winding backstreets of tumble-down villages; and sleek resorts backing palm-fringed bays. In the turquoise waters offshore...
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Sailing Croatia with kids

Sailing holidays are perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways to the most stunning destinations in the world. But yacht charters are also wonderful family-friendly vacations. In fact, for kids, sailing in Croatia is the ultimate adventure. Kids get to live out their Jack Sparrow fantasies, snorkel, and take in the...
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Crewed / Skippered or Bareboat Yacht Charter in Croatia

Crewed yacht charter is a type of charter when you charter a yacht, with a professional skipper and a hostess or a cook. It delivers ultimate holiday experience on the water since there will be nothing for you to do but enjoy at your own pace, on your own schedule:...
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Best company for Sailing Croatia

How to approach the actual booking process for sailing holiday in Croatia? Have you ever seen an ad displaying descriptions like Private yacht charter Croatia, Sail Croatia, Luxury Croatia cruise, Motor boat charter Croatia, Private yacht tours Croatia, Motor yacht rental Croatia, Sailing in Croatia, Adriatic coast charter, Cruise Adriatic...
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Best time to rent a yacht in Croatia

Croatia has risen the ranks of popular Mediterranean sailing destinations and is now a real contender, and there are many good reasons for this… or should we say 1,244 reasons. That is the number of islands that are peppered up the immense Adriatic coastline, making it clear why Croatia has...
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What type of boat should I choose for sailing holiday in Croatia?

Monohull Sailboat Croatia Monohull sailboats give you performance, freedom and the true feeling of sailing. There are thousands of bareboat sailboats in Croatia, ranging from 30 to 60 feet and from 2-6 cabins. If you want the enjoyment of pure sailing, we'd generally recommend a monohull sailboat. Catamaran Croatia Catamarans ...
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Sailing in Croatia

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