Learn to Sail Croatia

Want to become a skipper or improve your sailing skills?  Searching for sailing holiday where you learn and enjoy?
  •  Learn how to navigate and create your own itinerary
  •  Experience sailing by holding the steering wheel in your hands
  •  Explore beautiful anchoring points of Croatia
  •  Bring up the sails, catch the wind and sail away
  •  Become a captain of your holiday

If you are looking for a gentle introduction to sailing with more time to spend relaxing and enjoying the Croatian islands a Learn to Sail Croatia holiday offers the perfect balance. Sail with one of our young, friendly and professional skippers and get involved sailing the yacht, swimming in bays and sunbathing on deck as much or as little as you want.

How a Learn to Sail Croatia holiday works

You don't have to have sailed before to enjoy a fantastic sailing holiday in the Croatian islands. If you or your family or friends are new to sailing a Learn to Sail Croatia holiday is the ideal opportunity to experience sailing. Sail on one of our modern yachts at your own pace, drop anchor for a swim or snorkel in the clear warm waters. Explore coves, beaches and secluded bays and discover pretty villages and breath-taking scenery. You can visit a different island, port or bay each day and with your skipper’s knowledge of the sailing area you can visit all the best ports, bays, beaches, restaurants and tavernas.

If you want to have some informal tuition our friendly and professional skippers will ensure that you have a gentle introduction to sailing in a relaxed, safe and fun way. There may be some of you who want to learn and practice more than others and that’s OK.

What will you learn

We will teach you how to become a sailor who respects the sea and how to continue to sail independently. No previous sailing experience is required to charter a yacht as long as you hire a skipper. They will do the hard work, but are happy to instruct you on ways to contribute to the sailing experience as well! Beginners will be shown general rope work and deck equipment, how to trim the sails, tie knots correctly, steer a boat under sail and power, handle the sails, mooring , anchoring and basic navigation. You will learn as well the basic sailing techniques and basic maneuvers in sailing (tacking and jibing). Apart from all mentioned above, you will be familiar with the life habits on the boat such as cooking, sleeping, hygiene, coexistence with other sailors, moving in a confined space, along with all other situations that life imposes on board. Someone with prior experience will develop these skills further while learning more advanced techniques in order to get them up to a Skipper level.

Do not hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you Tailor your Unforgettable Sailing Holiday in Croatia!


Learn to Sail Croatia is the best way to spend your sailing vacation in Croatia as a combination of relaxation and active holidays by participation in sailing activities.

Sailing in Croatia

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