Honeymoon Sailing Croatia

Looking for a romantic getaway? Want to spend some time together far from the crowd?
  •  Unforgettable romantic sailing experience
  •  Perfect way for a more active couple to spend time together
  •  Wake up in different bay each morning
  •  Experience sunset dinner from your own private yacht
  •  Explore romantic and peaceful beaches

Honeymoon Sailing Croatia

Honeymoon Sailing Croatia is a magical and romantic experience never to be forgotten. Visit remote beaches, small islands and beautiful secluded anchorages that cruise ships and hotel guests never see. Wake up in a different bay or picturesque town each morning and enjoy great sailing in the crystal clear, calm waters of the Adriatic sea.

Whether you are on your honeymoon, or just looking for a romantic getaway, a Croatia sailing vacation can be the perfect way for a more active couple to spend time together far from the madding crowd. The Croatian Islands offers the idyllic setting to do this. A new paradise island destination each day, secluded anchorages and pristine beaches. A Croatia Honeymoon Sailing vacation offers variety, and something for everyone. From exciting watersports and lively bars. Short distance sails, where land is never out of site. Anchorages where the only boat is yours, for a relaxing and stress free experience. Enjoy a fabulous  dinner in the cockpit of your own private yacht , whilst watching the sun go down.

If you are new to sailing, we can organize a skipper to come along. Your skipper will help you plan a route, taking in all the secluded spots, sail you from island to island, be there when they are needed, but otherwise leave you alone to enjoy your vacation in paradise.

Sailing Croatia

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If You are new to Sailing and you don't have any idea what kind of boat might suit You, please send us an Inquiry from our Contact page and let us find You a perfect Yacht.

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And if You know your preferred type of Yacht, please browse through our fleet of Sailing Boats or Catamarans and send us an inquiry directly from the boat page. 

Sailing in Croatia

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