Catamaran Sailing Croatia

For those seeking the sublimity of sailing, without giving up on comfort, stability, speed and space, then Sailing a Catamaran in Croatia may be the best choice!
  •  Catamarans are more spacious, with plenty of sleeping and living area
  •  Catamarans are more stable, and are less prone to rocking
  •  Catamarans have shallow draft - anchor in beautiful blue bays in standing depth
  •  More storage room and extra systems like AC, Generator for more comfort
  •  Leisurely sailing and relaxed, fun environment experience

Catamaran Sailing Croatia

For those seeking the sublimity of sailing, without giving up on comfort, stability, speed and space, then sailing a catamaran in Croatia may be the best choice. If your dream holiday includes anchoring in shallow bays close to the beach, diving off the deck with your kids and having cocktails at sundown, then consider a catamaran in Croatia. Catamarans offer a good balance between sailing performance and comfort.

For families with small children, the elderly or first time sailors, sailing on a catamaran can go a long way to reducing stress. The smaller draft of a catamaran allows you to anchor in shallow bays or very close to the beach, which leads to more privacy and more options to drop anchor. You can easily enter places where most sailing boats cannot, closer to the beach and coast, away from the crowds.

Catamarans offer spacious and open social areas, with the salon sitting above the hulls, providing a 360 degree view from inside the salon. Typically, catamarans have social seating areas at the back and front of the vessel in addition to the salon area, meaning there is plenty of space to socialize onboard.

There is no experience needed for this type of holiday. With any catamaran in our fleet, we organize a fully professional crew - Skipper & Hostess/Chef that will make your holiday unforgettable!

When chartering a Catamaran in Croatia, you can fully relax and let the captain (skipper) and the additional crew member take care of everything. Skipper is responsible for the boat, the navigation and route planning under the client's suggestions and wishes. You can also decide to take an additional crew member(s) as hostess, cook, baby sitter... A hostess will ensure that the yacht is kept tidy and that all the provisioning is taken care of. She/he is responsible for the inner part of the boat. On more spacious catamarans in Croatia you can also request a qualified cook/chef to join you on board, to ensure you have traditional Croatian/Mediterranean culinary experiences on board. Catamaran Sailing Croatia combines the service and friendliness of an elegant hotel with the thrill of sailing on a world-class yacht.

Don't hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you tailor your unforgettable Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia!


 Catamaran Sailing Croatia | Unforgettable Sailing Experience

Sailing in Croatia

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