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Food & drink delivery with Sails of Croatia

Your perfect holiday can begin without the hassle of searching for shop, waiting in lines and searching for transportation. Taking into account the constant development of nautical tourism in Croatia and exceptional yacht charter offer, we have taken a step further by providing you yacht supply services. If you are chartering a yacht in Croatia you don't have to worry anymore when will you do all the shopping that you'll need on your vacation.

1. Basic Provisioning - To avoid the crowded markets and nervous people waiting in line on the first day of your sailing holiday in Croatia, we do the Basic Provisioning for you. This Provisioning is not enough for the full week, it is only a help that gives you the freedom of enjoying the first days on board without any shopping stress. For the rest of your sailing trip everything else you will be able to find on the islands on the way. Basic provisioning is done by the preference list, which we send to you to fill in.

Basic Provisioning options:

  • Basic Provisioning for amount of:  400,00 € (food + soft drinks)
  • Basic Provisioning for amount of:  800,00 € (food, soft drinks + beer & excellent local wine)

2. Food and beverage options for the full week (with professional crew on board):

  • Half board:  350,00 € / person per week (with Hostess service)
  • Full board:  550,00 € / person per week (with Chef service)
  • Soft drinks package:  75,00 € / person per week
  • All Inclusive Croatian drinks package:  200,00 € / person per week (with Half board / Hostess service)
  • All Inclusive Croatian drinks package:  300,00 € / person per week (with Full board / Chef service)

*Soft drinks package includes water, juices, coffee and tee for the full week.

*All Inclusive Croatian drinks package includes all soft drinks + Croatian wines (excellent local wine, red & white), Champagne, Beer and Hard liquor.

Basic Provisioning or Food and beverage oprions are done by the preference list, which we send to you to fill in. This way we can make sure that the provisioning for the full week is done by your preferences in advance.


Don't hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you tailor your unforgettable Sailing Holiday in Croatia!


 Sailing Croatia - Food & drink delivery on board!

Sailing in Croatia

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