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Your perfect holiday can begin without the hassle of searching for shop, waiting in lines and searching for transportation. Taking into account the constant development of nautical tourism in Croatia and exceptional yacht charter offer, we have taken a step further by providing you yacht supply services along the entire Adriatic coast. If you chartering a yacht in Croatia you don't have to worry anymore when will you do all the shopping that you'll need on your vacation. Now you can do it right here and right now.

You can choose over 10 000 products in online catalog and everything you order now will await for you aboard your chartered yacht once you arrive! You don't need to waste your valuable holiday time shopping and once when your holiday starts spend it with enjoyment like you deserve. Delivery of your purchased products is free of charge for all orders exceeding €100.

The yacht provisioning service is not offered however anywhere on the Adriatic. To be more precise, yacht supply service is offered in any coastal marina in Croatia. This means that they don't deliver supplies and products to marinas located on Croatian islands. This is not a big deal when you charter a yacht in Croatia because most if not all yacht charter agencies in Croatia are based in coastal marinas. Private yacht owners, if ordering products through yacht provisioning catalog, must come to any coastal marina for their ordered products to be delivered. All You have to do is choose what you need, give us your trust and relax and we'll take care of the rest...


Sailing in Croatia

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