Sailing Croatia

Searching for quite and peaceful sailing holiday? Want to explore amazing Croatian bays and lagoonas?
  •  Discover more than 1200 islands of Croatia
  •  Experience the most beautiful sunset by the cristal clear sea
  •  Experience the true culture of the islands and people
  •  Sail and explore a different island, harbour or bay every day
  •  Explore Mediterranean cuisine in the best family local restourants
  •  Visit beautiful natural bays only accessible on a yacht for lunch, swimming, snorkelling & relaxing

The waters in the Adriatic sea are renowned for being safe and calm, and whilst you can enjoy some fantastic sailing the experience will also be relaxing and tranquil. The close proximity of each of the islands means that land is always in your sights with many bays and coves dotted around the beautiful coastline to explore during the day before you moor up or drop anchor for the evening. Croatia Sailing Experience wants to share with you our love for the sea, nature and sailing.

What to expect?

With Sails of Croatia, while Sailing Croatia you will visit beautiful locations; moor up at your leisure for refreshing swims and picnics in idyllic bays before making the most of the afternoon breeze as you sail to your destination for the evening. Anchorage where the only boat is yours, for a relaxing and stress free experience. Enjoy a fabulous  dinner in the cockpit of your own private yacht , whilst watching the sun go down or find out about traditional diches in local restourants that offers you free buoys or moorings for the night. Spend the night aboard far away from the crowd under the stars on your own sailing yacht. Wake up in a different bay or picturesque town each morning and enjoy great sailing in the crystal clear, calm waters of the Adriatic sea. Sail, scuba dive, explore ashore, relax on deck or swim in the warm clear waters of the Adriatic sea. Explore incredible places, take unexpected journeys and meet fascinating characters with our unique Croatia Sailing Experiences. Encounter abundant wildlife in the glittering waters of our stunning locations. Spot dolphins, birdlife and more as you explore their natural habitats.

Skippered Croatia Sailing

If you have little or no experience of sailing or if you do sail but would rather relax on your holiday a skippered yacht charter is ideal. Your skipper will sail the yacht around your chosen destination and you can do as much or as little sailing as you like. With their local knowledge of the Croatian islands your skipper will help you plan the perfect route and visit all the best ports, bays, beaches, restaurants and tavernas. Your professional skipper provides discreet and unobtrusive assistance throughout your yacht charter leaving you to enjoy your holiday together. With your skipper you set the pace, the itinerary and each day's activities. Sailing in Croatia is beautiful, but it's more interesting if you have local information about each region of sailing.

Skipper & Hostess option

In addition to a skipper you can also have a hostess service. The hostess does the provisioning, prepares breakfast, lunches and evening meals, wash the dishes and keep the kitchen tidy. Not only are they great cooks, our hostesses also have lots of local knowledge about the sailing area, they can make restaurant recommendations and bookings on your behalf. Croatia Sailing Experience offers you skippered sailing with experienced skipper who understands your wishes and knows how to fulfill your expetations of holiday. See the best of our coast and islands with Croatia Sailing Experience holidays. Whether you have sailed before or not we offer a choice of yacht charter options to make sure you have a wonderful holiday. Croatia Sailing Holiday around Croatian islands is once in a life time experience.

Sailing Croatia

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Sailing in Croatia

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