Best time to rent a yacht in Croatia

Croatia has risen the ranks of popular Mediterranean sailing destinations and is now a real contender, and there are many good reasons for this… or should we say 1,244 reasons. That is the number of islands that are peppered up the immense Adriatic coastline, making it clear why Croatia has become such a popular sailing destination and why there are so many ways to rent a yacht in Croatia.

But, before you pack your sailing gear and head out the door for an amazing sailing holiday in Croatia, it would be wise to check the:

1. Best time to rent a yacht in Croatia

To get the best possible deal for your money spent, it is crucial to catch the early bird offers and rent a boat in Croatia prior the season starts, which is mostly until February 28th. Early bird offers will really make a difference in your sailing vacation experience when chartering a yacht in Croatia, with better pricing as well as wider spread of particular models of yachts available, so little planning ahead is definitely worth of effort. Additionally, do not forget, there are many returned charterers, which are booking the yachts in Croatia for several seasons ahead. It is obvious why such traveler behavior for sailing holiday in Croatia is becoming more and more popular.

High season is high trouble, when it comes to yacht charter booking process. Keep in mind, Croatia is a small country experiencing very high demand for yacht charter in Croatia from June till September, so availability during high season is really scarce. Be aware, most experienced charter travelers book months in advance so they can choose the sailboat, catamaran, power catamaran or motor yacht they really want to pick.

It is also possible to catch the last minute deal for yacht charter Mediterranean as well, but aside of great booking specialist, who will use all the experience and contacts to find such an arrangement, this option usually requires some flexibility from the customer as well, where the original idea often turns into different yacht option without such discounts as with early bird specials.

Having the right booking specialist and experienced skipper is the best you can get, when deciding to experience Croatia sailing holiday. If you are booking the motor yacht, catamaran or sailboat for the first time in Croatia, it would be really smart to ask about the route possibilities before you create one. Once you realize Croatia is the country of a thousand islands, you will really want to make sure you visit the best spots, offering the best sailing experience. Once you visit Croatia, we are positive you will already have your own list for your next Adriatic coast cruise.


2. Best time to go sailing to Croatia

The best time to go sailing in Croatia is between May and October when the temperatures are the warmest and the average rainfall is the lowest giving you more sunny days than any other time in the year. The hottest and driest months are July and August, and consequently, these are also the busiest months for tourist to be in Croatia.

If you are looking for the optimal time to go sailing to Croatia with perfect weather and smaller crowds, consider going during the “shoulder seasons” between May and June or between September and October. During these periods, the temperatures are not as extreme, but still perfect for enjoying the many beaches, island attractions, and getting some nice sun on the boat.

So, how to rent a yacht in Croatia?

For the best sailing experience in Croatia, it is crucial you receive extraordinary booking specialist service. Automated booking systems can be great, but when you get the personal approach to customer experience, the knowledge and attention of an informed booking specialist, you will be able to target your needs precisely and to make informed decisions in a timely manner, while receiving the customer service experience you deserve.

By contacting experienced and helpful booking specialist at, who will help you with the “one customer at a time“ approach, who will find the right boat for you, guide you in payments process, help you choose the best spots to visit and to create a perfect route itinerary matching your needs, you will be able to plan and prepare yourself ahead of time making sure, once the vacation time approaches, you need to only pack.

Sailing in Croatia

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