Sailing Croatia with Skipper

Sail through one of the most beautiful seas in the world – Adriatic sea! Visit popular places, enjoy untouched nature and see the beautiful coastline of Croatia!

All you have to do is specify a date, select desired yacht and select the route you’d like to go and the rest will be settled by your Skipper! Feel free to send us a free inquiry!

Sailing Croatia with Skipper is a carefree and unique sailing holiday! Hop on your own private yacht and sail around more over 1000 islands of Croatia! The freedom of flexible itinerary and the support of your local Skipper will make your sailing holiday perfect!

Sailing in Croatia with Skipper

No experience needed - for Sailing Holiday in Croatia with Skipper you do not need any prior sailing experience. Our Skippers are local professionals ready to help you with everything for your perfect sailing holiday. All of our Skippers speak at least one foreign language (English) and they will give you all the information about the life on board, your route, sailing conditions, local information etc.

Skipper takes care of the technical parts of the boat, moorings, and safety of the crew. Our local Skippers know all the best mooring places, best restaurants and have their own local info. Skipper's knowledge of the Croatian coastline is a treasure chest full of information how to make your sailing holiday in Croatia perfect!

With the professional Skipper on board, your sailing holiday in Croatia is ready to be carefree and relaxing time with your loved ones!

Sit back, relax, and drift away to create beautiful memories!


So, how does it work?

As soon as you arrive at your starting marina on your first day of sailing holiday in Croatia, your Skipper will meet you at the agreed point in the marina itself. After an introduction and probably a cold beer you will go together to your chartered yacht (sailboat or a catamaran) for the check-in and the full briefing about the life on a boat (sleeping cabins, kitchen, washrooms etc.)

After the introduction of the boat you will go through the sailing itinerary and your wishes of what to see and where to sail. Keep in mind that your Skipper is a local professional with all the knowledge about the local weather conditions and all the best spots, restaurants, towns and places to see on the way. Take advantage of that local knowledge and let your sailing story in Croatia begin.

During the day your Skipper will sail your yacht to some beautiful swimming spots and blue lagoons. You can be involved to the sailing itself as much as you desire, or just sit back and relax while the wind and the Mediterranean sun plays on your skin. After you reach your designated port / town for the night your skipper becomes a tour guide. You will get all the information about what to see and where to be. Our local Skippers have all the information about the land excursions, best restaurants, activities for kids, music festivals etc.

Our Skippers aren’t just sailing your yacht for the week! As a jack of all trades, your Skipper will double as your safety instructor, itinerary planner, TripAdvisor replacement and a friend.


Things to know when sailing Croatia with Skipper

Your Skipper is there for you 24/7 for the entire time of your sailing trip in Croatia. We will provide the Skippers contact to you prior to your embarkation on your yacht. All of our Skippers use Whatsapp and Viber for easier communication when you are separated (during your time on land etc.). We also provide you with the small transportable WiFii router so you will be able to contact your skipper at any time.

Skipper's fee:
Skipper cost is 150€-200€ per day and it is custom that the Skipper has meals with the crew.

Sleeping place for Skipper:
Please bear in mind that your Skipper stays with you on your yacht and also needs a place to sleep.

Besides our professional local Skipper, for all of you who want a vacation free of worries about cooking and tidying up the boat we offer the possibility of crew enlargement to include a hostess and a cook/chef. Experienced skippers, chefs and friendly hostesses will make your sailing holiday in Croatia unforgettable.

If you’re looking for a personalized and fully organized sailing experience in Croatia with an incredible Skipper, look no further!

Don't hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you tailor your unforgettable Sailing in Croatia with Skipper!

 Sailing Croatia with Skipper - Carefree Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

Sailing in Croatia

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