Yacht Charter Croatia

Want to experience freedom and the true feeling of sailing? Searching for vacation where you explore and discover something new each day?
  •  Unique and unrivaled vacation experience
  •  Swimm off the back of your yacht and snorkel in warm, clear waters
  •  Visit beautiful natural bays only accessible on a yacht
  •  Explore and discover coast and island of Croatia
  •  A 24/7 support

Yacht Charter Croatia

Yacht Charter Croatia is a yacht hire where you take full responsibility for all aspects of the boat and journey: navigation, sailing, mooring, motoring, cooking, cleaning etc. It is similar to renting a vacation home, except you can take it wherever you want (within the limits of your contract and navigable waters). Yacht Charter Croatia offer tremendous freedom to go exactly where you want, when you want, providing you with a unique and unrivaled vacation experience. With bareboat yacht charter you sail the boat yourself with family or friends.

Sails of Croatia bareboat yacht charter allows you to sail your own route around the Croatian Islands with the freedom to explore and discover something new each day with the security that we are available should you need assistance. Our team consists mainly of very experienced sailors, securing the highest possible standard in the whole process with arranging/planning, booking, arrival at one of our charter bases in Croatia and finally departure from the Marina for an unforgettable sailing holiday in Croatia. Charter boats have to be returned in the same Marina they were rented in. Upon request and payment of additional fee it is possible to arrange one way charter. Contact the Sails of Croatia booking team for more information about this.

Charter prices depend of a number of factors, size and type of charter boat, period of rental and last but not least date of the charter. At Sails of Croatia we offer various discount programs like early booking and last minute charter, if you are flexible it is possible to enjoy a week sailing holidays in Croatia at a bargain price. If you are a first timer booker of a sailing boat in Croatia, you of course need to be aware of the formal requirements for chartering a yacht in Croatia, no need to say that a licence for operating the vessel is required. To charter a yacht in Croatia you are required to hold an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). Additionally, sailing and navigation skills should be on adequate level. If the necessary licences are not available we can arrange for a skipper or we can recommend  the Learn to Sail Croatia Program where the necessary theoretical and practical sailing skills can be acquired.

Choose a yacht

Sails of Croatia offers you Sail Boats, Catamarans, Motor yachts and Power Catamarans for charter. While the majority of our bareboats are sailboats or catamarans, we do have a good number of motor boats that can be chartered without crew. Two of the most important points to remember when selecting a boat are size and cost. The size of boat you select will affect your cruising costs, not only in initial purchase and outfitting, but  also in cruising expenses once you're under way.

Bareboat Monohull Sailboats

The classic bareboat charter, monohull sailboats give you performance, freedom and the true feeling of sailing. There are thousands of bareboat sailboats in Croatia, ranging from 30 to 60 feet and from 2-6 cabins. If you want the enjoyment of pure sailing, and have experienced sailors aboard, we'd generally recommend a monohull sailboat.

Bareboat Catamarans

Catamarans are one of the fastest growing areas of the charter business because they deliver great comfort and privacy, while providing a lot of communal areas to better enjoy your group. Bareboat power catamarans and bareboat sailing catamarans don't heel ("tip") like a monohull, providing for a more stable feeling on the boat. If you're a party of several couples or a family, with inexperienced sailors, we'd normally recommend a catamaran. Note, catamarans are generally more expensive per person than a monohull, because the boat is larger. But you get the payback in extra space for everyone.

Bareboat Motor Yachts

Charter a motoryacht for total freedom to cruise on your own voyage of discovery. The motoryacht is yours for the holiday to explore the cruising area at your own pace. Being the skipper of your own motoryacht gives you total flexibility every day. Set off early to the next island or get up late and potter round to the next bay. It may depend on the weather, your crew or just your mood that day. Just imagine setting off with new places to visit every day - it's the ultimate multi-centre holiday without the packing and unpacking!

All the yachts are modern, highly specified monohull cruisers, catamarans or motor yachts fully equipped with everything you need including.

Bareboat Power Catamarans

When it comes to finding the smoothest ride around, power catamarans are often a top pick. These boats ride on two narrow hulls, instead of one wide one. This reduces wave impacts (think of two knives moving through the water, as opposed to one big spoon) and increases efficiency. Many power catamarans are also designed with “compression tunnels.” These compress air between the two hulls as they move forward at planning speed, providing lift and creating a cushion of air under the boat which further reduces wave impact.

Power catamarans enjoy several other advantages as compared to monohull boats, too. Stability is greatly enhanced, since the weight of the two hulls is spread out and they tend to counter-balance each other.

These boats are often utilized for charter by vacationers looking to spend a relaxing week or two afloat.

What Support do you get

A bareboat yacht charter with Sails of Croatia doesn't mean you are sent off without support, it just means you are free to explore the sailing areas how you wish.

You have 24/7 communication with your base team via radio or phone and in the unlikely event of you needing support, backup is provided and we are always available should you need us. You can plan your own routes or ask us for suggestions and advice on the sailing area from the best anchorages and beaches to great restaurants and tavernas. You will receive a comprehensive  handover of your yacht including its operation and all of the equipment aboard. You will have a comprehensive sailing guide to the area and all necessary charts and navigation aids including chartplotter.

Do not hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you Tailor your Unforgettable Sailing Holiday in Croatia!


Sailing in Croatia

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