What a Sailing Holiday in Croatia looks like

Sailing in Croatia is one of a kind sailing experience. Croatia is a country with more over than a thousand islands, with many beautiful bays and towns to explore and enjoy. Whoever visits Croatia, will come back sooner or later.

Slow down your pace, get back in touch with nature and most importantly yourself and your family or friends.

Please take a few minutes of your time and read this article - we would love to show you what sailing holiday in Croatia looks like.

What a sailing holiday in Croatia looks like?

Upon your arrival in Croatia, our driver meets you at the airport or hotel and takes you to your designated marina - your starting point of your unforgettable journey of Croatian energy and beauty. On the way you will visit numerous islands and magnificent turquoise bays, ancient roman towns, small picturesque villages and many, many more...

In the marina our crew will introduce you to your yacht, itinerary and all of the possibilities on the way. With a cold drink on the boat your crew goes through a short briefing about your new home, living on board, safety on board...and your sailing holiday in Croatia is about to start. 


 First day:
crew briefing and start of your sailing holiday

On the first day expect to have a short briefing and sail out to the first islands close to your starting marina. Usually this is in the afternoon hours while winds are easy and with a sunset view on the way. While sailing to your first bay/town you will have plenty of time to enjoy another drink, snacks and to get to know your crew better. Be sure to ask them everything, our crew are local professionals that have comprehensive knowledge of the area. They will give you a lot of recommendations where to go and what to see, hidden spots of Croatia are what we are all about. We recommend selecting 2-3 must see spots on our recommended itineraries ( Split Route A or Split Route B) and let your crew work around those spots with the weather forecast of the week. It is easier to go with the flow and it gives you an opportunity to visit some places that only your crew knows about. Trip advisor is nice, and all the information you will read and get is a plus, but local knowledge is local knowledge - this is our niche. Local Experts at Your Service!

When you get to your designated port for the night, expect a beautiful dinner either in a town or some secluded bay with a restaurant. Usually people have breakfast and lunch on the boat, and dinners in the restaurants. As much as we understand and respect your group privacy, we recommend inviting your crew for dinner for the first night. It will give you the opportunity to get to know them better and discuss a bit more about your preferences of your sailing holiday in Croatia.

what-a-Sailing-holiday-in-croatia-looks-like.jpgCocktail, short walk and get back to your boat for a relaxing time before bed time.

Sailing holiday has just begun

After a beautiful night under the stars, morning announces new adventures. Waking up completely relaxed with no worries ahead as you already realized that your crew are local professionals and that they will give you an unforgettable and memorable sailing holiday. At Sails of Croatia we have our own skipper and hostess academy. This is our niche, we are local and we provide 'One of a kind' sailing experience of Croatia.

Starting the morning with a tasty breakfast on board, your skipper slowly prepares the boat for sail out and you begin your one to two hour sail to a beautiful swim stop. Drop an anchor, take the toys out, snorkel, swim and enjoy your day. This is usually when lunch is also prepared. With a hostess on board there are no worries about cooking and you can completely enjoy your afternoon.

what-a-Sailing-Holiday-in-Croatia-looks-like.jpgWhy does hostess service come in handy? - Hostess service gives you more time to relax and be with your family and friends. Breakfast and lunch on board, everything is taken care of.

What-a-sailing-holiday-in-croatia-looks-Like.jpgAfter lunch and sunbathing time, the anchor is lifted and you continue your one to two hour sail to your next bay/port for the night. We recommend having a mixture of towns and secluded bays during your sailing holiday in Croatia. Towns give you an opportunity to step of the boat directly (no need for dinghy shuttles) and explore Croatian culture, energy and vibes. On the way you will encounter many beautiful towns with lovely restaurants, cocktail bars and stunning sunset views. Spending a few nights in beautiful Croatian towns such as Hvar, Vis, Korcula or Dubrovnik will be everlasting memories. Towns also give you and your crew an opportunity to restock the provisions, refill the fresh water tanks of the boat, get rid of the garbage and recharge the boat electricity.

sailing-holiday-croatia.jpgThe next day your skipper will repeat the swim stop and a lunch break in jet another stunning bay, again some relaxation time. For the night your crew will take you to a secluded bay to sleep under the stars. Towns are beautiful, but getting in touch with nature is something else. Maybe you will be up for a night swim, the most dangerous thing in Croatian sea are sea urchins - you are safe, just keep your feet up :)

Sailing-Holiday-Croatia.jpgIf not in for a night swim, no problem, you will for sure be in the mood for a morning swim. Breakfast on the boat, again this is where the hostess comes in handy. While you are swimming she prepares coffee, tea, eggs sunny side up or however you love them. Morning swim, step on the boat and get a cup of coffee in your hands - that is the best feeling that you can imagine.

Catamaran-Sailing-Croatia-With-kids.jpgSwimming - breakfast - swimming - short sail - drop anchor - swimming - lunch - read a book while sunbathing - short sail - get to the next port. Eat and repeat, ok maybe not just eat and repeat...you are active with swimming, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling...but you get the idea of what a beautiful holiday this is.

sailing-croatia-catamaran.jpgYou will slow down your pace, get back in touch with nature and most importantly yourself and your family or friends.

After visiting so many beautiful bays and towns you will not be able to remember all of them at the end of the week. You will feel fulfilled and will want to come back again, we have many repeat customers to prove it.


Unforgettable Memories

Slowly the week will be closer to it's end and your mindset will start to go to working temperature, don't allow it just jet. The last night in the designated marina is to really enjoy the boat life, completely relaxed and glancing back to beautiful moments of the week with a smile on your face. Starting/ending marinas are on the coast and close to beautiful towns. Be sure to go out for dinner and ice cream, and catch a bit more of beautiful Croatian energy. Last morning your driver will pick you up from the marina and will take you wherever you wish to go.

This is where we say farewell, but not goodbye.


Why book with Sails Of Croatia?

We are LOCAL and we want you to know it. That is our advantage and that is why all of our guests are satisfied with our service. With more over than 20 years in this business WE KNOW which boats are well maintained and which ones are not. From the beginning we have been working on simplifying and solving any problems or needs that our guests have. IT IS YOUR TIME TO RELAX.

Through a few simple steps choose your boat, crew and package for your unforgettable Sailing Holiday in Croatia!



Sailing in Croatia

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