How to pack for a sailing trip in Croatia

When it comes to packing for a Sailing in Croatia, you know the basics: dresses, swimsuits, flip flops, hat, sunglasses and sunblock. However, there’s a few items novice sailors might not think to bring along. Here are some tips what to bring for your sailing holiday in Croatia:

Pack Light

First and foremost, pack light! Sailboat cabins can be pretty conservative in size, and you don’t want to feel claustrophobic with unnecessary personal items cluttering up your space. Stick to one suitcase and be sensible with what (and how much) you pack. A duffel bag is recommended — rather than a hard suitcase —in order to fit your bag into tight spots or fold it up once it’s empty.

Motion Sickness Products

All-natural ginger chews or Dramamine which can be a bit more powerful for those who are really prone to it. Newly popular PSI wristbands: lightweight wristbands that use acupuncture pressure on the wrist to combat nausea. They’re affordable, surprisingly effective, and recommended by Oprah!


For clothing we recommend several T-shirts, a couple pairs of short and swimsuits, windbreaker or light rain coat, hat, and sunglasses. For shoes, a pair of street, boat, and water shoes are recommended. It’s best to go barefoot on the boat to keep it clean. If you want to wear shoes you can wear something with non-marking soles and good grip. Linens and towels are included, but you might want to pack a separate beach towel. (It is possible to rent a beach towel for the week.) You may be packing for sunshine, but don’t forget that it can get chilly and misty in the evenings. Do not forget a waterproof windbreaker (if it’s a little insulated, even better). If it does rain during your sailing trip in Croatia, you’ll want to keep your clothes dry.

Convenience Items

Depending on what sailboat you end up on, you may be stuck with limited use to power outlets. Sometimes there are only one or two outlets on the boat to be shared with every on board. Bring a power bank so you can charge your phone and camera at your convenience. If you’re a light sleeper you must pack ear plugs and an eye mask in case the motor starts up early or the sun shines through the porthole. “Dry Bags” or ZipLock bags for money and electronics. Matches, playing cards, flashlight, small bag for beach trips, and a small notebook or journal for writing notes about the trip! Travel size shampoo, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Stuff you DO NOT need to bring for your sailing holiday in Croatia:

              Cooking and eating implements and utensils.

              Navigation tools and charts.

               First aid kit. All boats have them on board.

               Ladies: First leave the expensive jewelry at home. Then, forget bringing a lot of makeup and a hair dryer.

               Most importantly, worries.


Sailboats often fly flags to show where they have come from. If you have any flags that you would like to fly, from your country, state, university, favorite sports team, etc. feel free to bring them along! Hammocks and inflatable floats are fun too if it’s not a windy day!

Remember - keep the packing simple, leave worries and enjoy your sailing holiday in Croatia to the fullest!

Sailing in Croatia

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