Catamaran Sailing Croatia | Skippered or Crewed Yacht Charter?

Catamaran Sailing in Croatia is the most popular way to visit Croatia, and to explore the nature & culture of the islands.

Catamaran Sailing Croatia | Skippered or Crewed Yacht Charter: Which is Right for you?

Both Skippered or Crewed Catamaran Yacht Charter in Croatia guarantee unforgettable and 'one of a kind' Sailing Holiday.

The main diference is the second Crew member - Hostess or Chef, that are there to be beside the Skipper. But there are some more options that we would like to introduce you to.

Skippered Catamaran Sailing Holiday

Skippered Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia is for those who don't know how to sail the boat by themself, or a first time visitor in Croatia that wants to see the best that Croatia has to offer.

Professional local Skipper is there in the first place to manouver and sail the Catamaran, but also to be your local guide. Skipper is the person that has all the information about where to be, and what to see. Skipper will help you with all the mooring and restaurants reservations, as well as organizing any land tour if wanted.

Skippers will show you around the Catamaran and will teach you about boat systems and sailing, usually older kids and teenegars find this interesting. To participate in bringing up the sails, steering the Catamaran in manouvers like tacking and jibing, droping an anchor, helping with mooring procedure...this is where all the fun is.

Skipper is here to organize and plan your itinerary, by your wishes. Skipper is the one that knows the local waters and weather conditions and is there to make sure that you have a pleasant and smooth ride.

One of the things that you are completely worry free with Skippered Catamaran Charter is safety. If there is an emergency, you will have someone onboard who knows exactly what to do to make sure you are all safe and well.

The only thing that you will have to calculate with is preparation of the food, mainly breakfast and lunch, when sailing with Skipper. Usually you are moored up in some bay or a town that gives you the possibility of a nice local dinner in a local restaurant.

Crewed Catamaran Sailing Holiday

What is the main difference between Skippered and Crewed Sailing Holiday in Croatia?

A Hostess or a Chef, this is the main difference that makes Crewed Sailing Holiday in Croatia like no other.

If you sail with a full crew onboard, you are choosing the most luxurious and comfortable mode of travel. You will have professionals seeing to every aspect of your trip: sailing, navigation, food preparation, cleaning the deck, tidying up, refueling, security, and more. You can personalize your crew to your needs; you might set sail with a Skipper and a Hostess, Skipper and a Chef, Skipper and a Hostess + Chef, or you might choose to add an additional sailors or crew members (usually deck hands on big Catamarans for dingy and toys.)

Skipper and a Hostess Crewed Catamaran Sailing Holiday is a Sailing Holiday that ensures your complete and carefree time on board. While Skipper is in charge of the sailing part, the Hostess is in charge of preparing 2 meals a day (breakfast and lunch), and snacks. The Hostess is also in charge of keeping the boat clean and tidy, as well as provisioning. With the Skipper and Hostess on board, your Catamaran Sailing Holiday is set to be perfect.

Skipper and a Chef Crewed Catamaran Sailing Holiday

The Chef is responsible for provisioning, making 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snacks for the day). If you prefer to dine in the restaurant, we recommend that you take a hostess for your sailing trip.

Consider a Fully Crewed Sailing Holiday in Croatia If …

• You have little or no sailing experience and want to put the actual sailing of your vessel in professional hands.

• You are looking for the ultimate charter experience in terms of comfort, luxury, and safety.

• You want delicious Croatian cuisine served to you on the boat daily.

• You want to be able to focus 100% on relaxing and having a fun time with your traveling companions but will not find a crew running around on deck distracting on your voyage.

• You can afford the extra fee for a full crew.

The best way to see Croatia on a Catamaran - 14 days

Combine the best of Croatia – explore both Split & Dubrovnik sailing region. Spend your time sailing the Adriatic Coast, making stops along your tour to explore the islands and towns of Split and Dubrovnik sailing region. Start from the largest town in Dalmatia, Split (or surrounding area), a typical Mediterranean city with ideal weather for excursions from May to October. In 2 weeks of sailing, and approximately 275 NM, this itinerary gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of two most popular sailing regions in Croatia, Split and Dubrovnik. Sail and visit beautiful islands of Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula, lastovo, Mljet...

We are a local family business with more than 15 years of experience of tailoring Catamaran Sailing Holidays in Croatia. Through a few simple steps choose your boat, crew and package for your unforgettable Tailor-Made Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

Do not hesitate to send us a free inquiry or ask any questions at all, we are happy to help you Tailor your Unforgettable Catamaran Sailing Holiday in Croatia!

 Catamaran Sailing Croatia | Skippered or Crewed Yacht Charter

Sailing in Croatia

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