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A country with over a thousand islands, Croatia is a true Sailing Paradise.  Not only that, in this sailing paradise, our guests are surprised by the beauty of Croatian islands & sea and the warmth of the Croatian people, they find Croatian food and wine especially delicious and tasty. The Mediterranean cuisine of Croatia is an essential part of a sailing holiday in Croatia. Little bit of fresh marinated anchovies for starter, with local prosciutto and cheese, home bread, extra virgin olive oil and a glass of dry white wine... that is the way to start this article.

Sailing in Croatia is more than just sailing. It is a trip not only full of relaxation and beautiful swimming spots. It is a trip with a variety of local taverns called 'Konoba's', wine cellars and local restaurants that offer you the threat of local cuisine. On top of that you can find open markets on the islands that offer you traditional local delicacies and fresh products.

In variety of this offers there is something for everyone. From meat or fish lovers, sea food enthusiasts, vegetarian, vegan to gluten free dishes.

Here we will not be able to mention all of the local dishes that we would like to recommend to you, but we will go through some that are a must try while Sailing in Croatia.

1. Fresh fish grilled

It is one thing that you have to try while in Croatia. Fresh Croatian fish straight from the sea to your table. Restaurants that we recommend and that our skippers choose always have fresh fish to make your dinner perfect. Fresh grilled fish is so good, especially with a glass of an excellent Croatian white wine. White or blue fish, whatever you prefer, when it's fresh you cannot make a mistake. Choose from Rombo fish, Sea bass, Sea bream, John Dory, Tuna, Sward fish and lots more. For those who are willing to try fishing by themselves, it is even better to catch your own fresh fish and make a perfect on board meal. Fresh fish is definitely something we recommend for you to try while sailing in Croatia.

2. Peka

Peka is a traditional Dalmatian dish that we are very proud of. Sailing in Croatia is not complete without having at least one Peka dish in your week. This is slow cooked dish, prepared under an iron bell in an open fireplace. Traditionally prepared for an hour and a half to two hours. In Croatia families are gathered around peka, how in the preparation process, and at the table for fine dinning. In the Peka bell you can put different type of meat (lamb or veal), fish or octopus. This slow cooked meal is very popular for preserving all the tastes under the bell and giving the meat or fish very tender structure. With fish or meat in the Peka we put a lot of vegetables, so there is no need for any side dished. There is only the need of a good glass of local red wine. While sailing in Croatia be sure that you don't miss out on Peka.

3. Brodet

With a wide variety of its types, brodet (brudet, brujet) is probably the most recognizable meal of the Croatian Adriatic. Prepared with a variety of seafood, this hearty stew is consumed all over the Croatian coast, with every local restaurant having its own unique version. Although the Croatian Adriatic is a relatively small part of the world, sailing around the islands in Croatia there are hundreds of different tastes of brodet to be found. Each variety of this dish tells you a story about a certain area and its history, about chefs, their family heritage and invention.

4. Mussels Buzara

Does it getter any better for seafood lovers than a full plate of fresh mussels. Usually prepared with garlic, parsley, olive oil and white wine is you prefer a Buzara Bianco, or on a Red Buzara tomato sauce. If you're sailing in Croatia and your itinerary gives you the opportunity to buy fresh mussels directly from the fish farm, be sure to do so. The mussels and oysters fresh from the sea are the best that it gets.

5. Dalmatinska Pasticada with Gnocchi

Pasticada with gnocchi (beef pot roast dish from Dalmatia)  is a typical Dalmatian dish which has traditionally been served on special occasions and it was considered a real festive meal that could be served only by wealthy families on special occasions. This slow cooked beef in a special sauce is considered to be the holy grail of Dalmatian Croatian cooking. While sailing in Croatia there are excellent local family restaurants where you can enjoy this dish. A glass of local red wine like Plavac mali or Dingač goes well with Pasticada.

6. Dirty Macaroni

Dirty Macaroni, or as they say in Dubrovnik, Šporki Makaruni, is always served on and around the day of the patron saint of Dubrovnik, St. Blaise. It is a fairly straightforward recipe and is quite easy to prepare, so why not to have a touch of Dubrovnik on your table while sailing in Croatia. Even though it is a dish from Dubrovnik you can find it on islands also. There is nothing better than a plate of home made, grandmas recipe Macaroni on the table.

7. Fritule

From all the sweets and desserts in Croatia, Fritule are the one thing you have to try while sailing in Croatia. This traditional doughnut balls are dusted with powdered sugar and filled with rum and raisins. Different households may add a touch of lemon zest or grated orange peel here and there, but the key here is sharing.

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Sailing in Croatia

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