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Sailing in Croatia is a holiday like no other! The freedom of changing the island / and port every and each day is what makes this holiday so different than the others. On board your own private yacht you can find and enjoy the most hidden and untouched beautiful bays and spots in Croatia. Turquoise blue/green water, warm sea, a light breeze and your day is set to be perfect!

Sailing around the islands in Croatia on board your private yacht, with flexible itinerary is what makes it so interesting. There are some basic itineraries for sailing Croatia that we have prepared for you. Non of the itineraries is fixed, and all of them can be modified by your own preferences. In accordance to weather conditions, you can change your itinerary on the spot with your skipper directly. All of our skippers are local professionals with the knowledge to take you to true hidden gems of Croatia. Your skipper is also your guide, with the information about land tours, best wineries in the area, amazing local restaurants with free moorings etc.

Mooring / port fees aren’t included in our sailing package's as we like to offer clients the freedom of a flexible itinerary.

How much for mooring / port fees for one week sailing in Croatia?

In Croatia there are more possibilities for mooring / finding a safe place for the night. You can be in the marina or a town port with facilities and electricity every night if you choose so. But there is also the possibility of a buoy in some beautiful bay, anchor or a free mooring of a local restaurant.

Mooring buoys (estimated 30-60 Euro per night, 1.6 x for catamaran) offer seclusion and privacy. Marinas (80-200 euro per night, 1.6 x for catamaran) have cafes, restaurants, showers & toilet facilities along with shore power and fresh-water refills for the yacht. In our experience a mixture of the all options gives the best balance through the week for most groups.


Mooring buoys & Marinas

Comparison of the hypothetical most expensive and realistic sailing route in Croatia

The hypothetical most expensive route is calculated in a way that the boat is docked every night in high season. The realistic sailing route includes three nights docked, two on a buoy and one on an anchor. Prices show standard one-week sailing route.

Sailing Croatia Mooring Fees.jpg

Don't hesitate to contact us for your perfect sailing holiday in Croatia! We are proud to say that we are a local family business with a unique way of making your holiday unforgettable!

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Sailing in Croatia

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